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October 30, 2021

Error, did the order get an error?

Mr. Engage

October 30, 2021

11:50 pm


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You are here probably because one of your orders got an Error and you do not know what caused it?

What causes the error?

Error is simply a notification for you and us, saying something went wrong while delivering your order item. We explained in the previous article Understanding our order system, what it means when the order gets canceled with an error message. Most often, the reason for the error is following:

Error caused by the client

  • Link to the post was placed before it was published, this happens mostly for Youtube. Make sure video is public and we can access it. You want real visitors to see your content, if the content is unpublished or it’s scheduled then how can they see your content. Server will not retry accessing link again, after first failure! Rather it will mark order item as an Error.
  • Your profile is private, hidden, or your counter (an example for Youtube) is hidden, also order item can be marked with Error, make sure the profile, counters are public.
  • You placed a wrong link, usually we write in description of input box, what type of link we need. Sometimes for post likes customers place a link of their profile, or the link itself is not in correct format. Make sure link is valid, and accessible. Again we are going to use the same link to try to access your posts, if we can not access it because of wrong link, order item will be marked with Error.
  • Your content has restrictions, age or geographical restriction, if we do not offer option for Restricted Content, then please do not use our services or turn off restriction.
  • You placed an order item, and after sometime you deleted the content. Then we will mark order item also as an Error.

Caused by the server

  • We had some technical difficulties and we marked your order item with Error
  • We delivered the order item partialy, and faced some issues, one of the listed above or our technical issue, also we marked your order item with an Error.

How can / we fix?

Before writing this article, there were two options for fixing the issue, contacting support or waiting until support improves it. This process was painful for multiple reasons. First, support is not online, and the problem is urgent; we want to issue a refund, but we can not reach you; We want to update the ordered item with the correct link, but we can not contact you to give us a new link.

It’s a general problem when there is an issue; usually, fixing requires manual intervention; communication between the merchant and the client.

Now, we offer a solution. We gave you total control over your order items. When the issue happens, and you go to your account dashboard and click on view order. The website will show a charge with the error message. The difference between the old system and the new one is updating the link and restarting the ordered item.

The new system gives you total con; if the issue was client-caused, you could fix your own mistake instantly. The difference is shown below.

New Restart Service System Tutorial

As you can see in the above image, you have two buttons labeled “Restart-Service” and “Edit link.”

  • Restart service use when you found the mistake which was caused by one of the above listed client caused reasons, and now the mistake has been fixed. Simply click the button Restart service, page will refresh twice, and it will take up to 5 minutes for server to propagate new updated data.
  • Edit link use when you found out the link you pasted first time was incorrect, now you can edit it. Click on button “Edit link”, now the link box will become editable, paste a new link, then click update link.

It still keeps showing

Error still keeps showing even after the restart service and updating the link? Then please reach out to our customer support team; they will assist you in solving the issue.

We recommend signing up when you create an account on our website. It becomes easier to track order progress; you get into the cashback program, and also it’s easier for us to issue refunds.

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